Nothing is better than enjoying the sun in your own garden, right? We have been able to enjoy the beautiful weather for several days and it won’t be long before summer arrives. Could your garden use some updating? Of course we want to keep our garden green all year round, but how do you actually do this? We have listed a number of useful, but also easily applicable tips for you.

Choose the right plants
In spring and summer we enjoy a beautiful colorful garden, but we would prefer to enjoy the greenery all year round. By choosing the right plants, you can also enjoy a beautiful garden in winter. Plants that always color the garden green are also called evergreens. These are, for example, conifers, deciduous trees or perennials. These evergreens gradually shed their leaves and are protected from cold temperatures. As a result, they also retain their color in autumn and winter. There are hundreds of different types and you can easily combine them in the garden.

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